College changes lives

At Breakthrough Silicon Valley, we believe that the road to college begins in middle school. Far more than a tutoring program, Breakthrough's strength lies in the foundation of caring, personalized support we provide over six years. We take a collaborative approach, partnering with our students and their parents to provide resources and guidance that empower them.

We understand that the road to college can be bumpy. It's a journey in a new direction, comprised of many small but crucial steps that collectively unlock life-changing opportunities. When a Breakthrough student attends college, a ripple effect begins that will touch the lives of siblings, cousins, and other family members as well.


What Makes Us Different

Six-year, comprehensive focus - We believe that building trusting relationships matters. Student growth unfolds over years, not months. We are committed to our students and their families for the long haul. 

Focus on academic excellence, as well as social-emotional skills like collaboration, communication, and resilience - Our graduates are not only accepted to college, we prepare them to succeed at top-tier institutions and, ultimately, in an increasingly complex workplace.

Meaningful exposure to careers and professionals - By introducing our students to professional role models and an array of careers, we help them take the first steps in creating a vision for their future.

Parent education - We provide parents with the tools they need to be advocates for their children. Having information and resources empowers parents, strengthening the network of support for their children and fueling their success.  

Students-teaching-students model - We prepare talented high school and college students to teach, lead and inspire our students. By the time Breakthrough students reach high school, they’ve established bonds with role models who demonstrate that academic achievement is cool.

Local program, national footprint - As an affiliate of a national collaborative, Breakthrough Silicon Valley is able to share best practices and innovative strategies with 25 partner agencies across the country.