BTSV Class of 2018 - CSU EAst bay

I like to be the guy who has intellectual conversations, who thinks deeply about problems in society and finds my part in the solution. That is why I want to be a lawyer. But in my neighborhood, it’s not very easy to find people to engage in stimulating academic conversations.
This past summer, with guidance and encouragement from Breakthrough, I ventured beyond my little world and attended a program at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. My parents were thrilled that I was leaving home to attend such a prestigious program. After flying cross-country by myself (O’Hare is huge by the way! I couldn’t find my gate!), I immersed myself in the school culture, and I met people from across the globe with different values and views on the world. We engaged in long debates where my views were questioned and my eyes opened. After my summer at Exeter, I can see how attending college will elevate my family and me to greater opportunities. College will be the experience that I have hungered for all of my life. It will give me the ability to start a legacy for the Soria Family — something that lives on forever because of me.

While I’m confident in my academic ability, I do worry, at times, that we can’t afford a university like Georgetown — my dream school. But that’s when I have to trust Breakthrough. I know they will help me find the right mix of scholarships and loans. For now, I will just focus on making sure that in two years, when I’m a senior, Georgetown has no choice but to recognize the intellectual I am. I am DETERMINED to make them believe that I am college bound.