open The Door to A Brighter future

As chairman of the Board of Directors at Breakthrough Silicon Valley, Greg Murphy understands the challenges low-income students face each day. Nationwide, just one in ten will make it through college. And college can change the trajectory of a life. Forever.

Breakthrough Silicon Valley students are bright and determined. They dream of being doctors and engineers, entrepreneurs and educators, lawyers and game-designers. These kids are talented and highly motivated, yet, they need support to realize their dreams. In neighborhoods impacted by poverty, gangs, and under-resourced schools, their options are limited by circumstances beyond their control.

At Breakthrough Silicon Valley, we provide personalized support from the "tween years" to the doors of higher education and beyond: academic advising, tutoring, college counseling, career exposure, leadership development, and more. Currently serving over 500 students from more than 40 schools, by Fall 2018, we'll expand to support 600. 

Every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential.

Breakthrough Silicon Valley is deeply grateful to Greg and See-Ming for their tireless dedication to our mission! We invite you to join them in helping our students beat the odds as they rewrite their futures. 

Ways to Donate:

Donate by check so Breakthrough receives 100% of YOUR CONTRIBUTION. Or make a debit or credit card donation via Paypal.

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$100 funds a college readiness workshop.


$600 sponsors a student in our after-school program for one semester.


$1000 underwrites a three-day College Options Trip to Southern California.


$3000 provides a full year of academic programs and support for one student.