Breakthrough gets results

Our graduates defy the statistics in their communities as we set them on the life-changing path toward college. And hands-on teaching experiences in Breakthrough classrooms prepare and inspire our teaching fellows to make a difference through careers in education. 


  • 99% of students who complete our program attend college; 98% are accepted by four-year universities; 89% attend four-year universities.

  • 100% of our high school students take high level college preparatory courses including Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

  • 88% of our students maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Surveys of students and parents:

  • 98% of parents say that Breakthrough positively impacted their child’s attitude toward learning and goals for attending college.

  • 94% of students report that Breakthrough is a meaningful and positive experience that helps them be prepared for school.

Since the beginning of my Breakthrough experience, the theme of college became integral to my life. I truly believe it helped me reach my goal of attending Stanford University.
— Danielle, Breakthrough Silicon Valley alumna, Stanford University graduate

Teaching Fellows


Survey RESULTS (2016-2018):

  • 85% report an increased interest in pursuing an education career following their summer with Breakthrough Silicon Valley.

  • 99% report feeling better prepared to pursue an education in career following their summer with Breakthrough Silicon Valley.


Breakthrough was a crash course in social justice and education, taught by my students and fellow teachers. I would not have become involved, or even interested, in education as a career without experiencing Breakthrough Silicon Valley.
— Jessica, Breakthrough Silicon Valley teaching fellow, MA candidate, Teachers College, Columbia University