Middle School Summer Program

A Breakthrough student's journey begins with our summer program, during the summer before 7th grade. Academic enrichment, leadership, and vision setting are fundamental outcomes of our summer program. Students dive into engaging, hands-on experiences and become part of a peer group that loves learning too.

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  • 6 weeks long, 8 hours per day, 2 hours of daily homework for rising 7th and 8th graders. Rising 9th graders participate in a two-week program.
  • Core academics geared for high school success: algebra, geometry, biology, physics, chemistry, literature, writing
  • Elective courses provide a well-rounded education: computer programming, philosophy, theater, and more 
  • Small classes using our students-teaching-students model (6:1 student to teacher ratio)
  • Career development activities, such as visits to local companies and a STEM Challenge, expose students to a variety of professions and motivate them to pursue a college degree
  • Field trips, sports, arts, and other co-curricular activities provide opportunities to strengthen friendships, build confidence, and provide a foundation for future Breakthrough learning experiences
  • The two-week summer program for rising 9th graders begins with a one-week design thinking project that is simultaneously an extension and culmination of their 8th grade Breakthrough after-school experience. During week two, students prepare for the rigors of 9th grade through a five-day 'High School Prep' course.
  • Breakthrough high school students with an interest in programming can attend our Computer Science Academy, where they spend two weeks learning computer science basics and creating their very own video games using Globaloria. The academy includes career exposure as well, through "lunchtime chats" with local tech professionals.

Middle School After-School Program

Our after-school program focuses on math success because data shows that students who take Geometry by 9th grade are far more likely to attend college than those who do not.

  • Students participate in after-school classes twice a week during their 7th and 8th grade years.
  • Activities follow Common Core Math Standards and include number talks, critical thinking and problem solving activities, Khan Academy practice to strengthen skills, and growth mindset curriculum.

Middle School Advising and High School options

Personalized support during middle school ensures mastery of academic skills and preparation for success in college preparatory high schools.

  • Grade monitoring every 8 weeks
  • Personalized improvement plans with one-on-one tutoring as needed
  • Assistance in understanding the full range of high school options available, both public and private
  • Assistance with forms, application writing, and exploring scholarship options

High School Advising and College Preparation

College readiness services during the high school years prepare students to be scholars, leaders, and exceptional college candidates.

  • Development of academic skills and habits
  • Course selection advising
  • Grade monitoring and one-on-one tutoring as needed with a dedicated volunteer
  • Financial literacy courses for juniors and seniors
  • Monthly college readiness workshops
  • 32-hour ACT prep course
  • Weekend Personal Statement Writing Retreat to craft compelling statements for college and scholarship applications
  • Three-day Southern California College Tour
  • Freshmen Family College Field Trip
  • Career readiness workshops, including Resume Writing and Mock Interview workshops
  • Advising on personalized summer experiences that further develop students as well-rounded individuals and exceptional college applicants
  • Individualized college and financial aid counseling for parents and students

Parent Education

Breakthrough's Parent Education Program consists of a series of 2-hour workshops over 6 years that help parents learn what they need to know at each crucial juncture to support their child on the path to college.

  • Social Media and Online Safety
  • Grade Monitoring
  • Raising Money Smart Kids
  • High School Transitions
  • High School Course Selection
  • Saving for College
  • Financial Aid Basics
  • College Application Process

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