BTSV Teaching Fellow - Stanford Graduate School of Education

Trisha Huynh is passionate about science. In magnitude, that passion is matched only by her enthusiasm for teaching. She has always loved working with kids, but it wasn’t until her first summer as a Breakthrough teaching fellow that Trisha was, as she puts it, “all in” for teaching. The hands-on experiences gave her an authentic feel for what teachers do every day. “That’s something powerful, Breakthrough gave me. I’m not going into this blind.” She plans to use the tools she learned at Breakthrough in her future classroom. 

Trisha found inspiration in her Breakthrough students, always willing to try new things, take risks in their learning, and push beyond their comfort zones. She remembers dissecting frogs with her seventh grade biology class. Most of her students couldn’t wait to get started, but one student hesitated. Drawing from what she had practiced over two summers, Trisha offered firm but gentle encouragement. The student grew braver, and Trisha remembers, she was the last to leave at the end of class. 

After graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Biology, Trisha spent a year teaching in Malaysia on a Fulbright Scholarship. Currently, she's earning bilingual certification (English/Spanish) at the elementary level in Stanford's Teacher Education Program. Armed with all she learned at Breakthrough, Trisha is poised to make the most of every moment in the classroom.